Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Review

Black Diamond Spot HeadlampHere goes my first gear review. I thought I’d go simple with a product I try to always carry on a day hike, and always carry when backpacking. A headlamp – one of the ten essentials (illumination). For the past 6 years I’ve only used two headlamps, a Brunton RL4 and a Black Diamond Spot. I cannot remember the last time I’ve used my Brunton, it was my first headlamp purchase and I got it for $22.57 off Amazon mainly because it had a red LED. Since winter of 2011 I’ve been using the Black Diamond Spot. I purchased 2 of them off SteepandCheap for $19.95/each and have not looked back. I’ve read tons of reviews over the years for lighter weight headlamps and flashlight clips, but see no reason to upgrade any time soon.


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